Ana ivanovic adam scott dating

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However, we still haven’t had the engagement information confirmed by the love birds, even though Ivanovic has recently been rocking what seems to be an engagement ring. According to, this is the first time Ana has brought her love partner to the luxury villa in Mallorca, even though she’s had it for years and her friends did accompany her during holidays.

However, I’m not sure how accurate this statement is, since she did visit Mallorca both with Fernando Verdasco and with Adam Scott and I doubt they didn’t drop by her house.

"No, but Adam is a little different than me," Mc Ilroy said. I don't know how he kept it a secret for so long from you guys. PHOTO GALLERY: The best photos from the Players Championship "We just wanted it to be a secret for the day, and then we haven't told anyone to keep it a secret since," he said.

Shortly after Scott split with tennis beauty Ana Ivanovic, producers of ABC’s “The Bachelor” pursued Australia’s most eligible bachelor to be a contestant last year on the dating show where one man dates 25 women at once in the search for love.

Women around the world rejoiced at the prospect of seeing the golf hunk in their living room every week. Will try and meet,” Bachelor executive producer Robert Mills tweeted at the time.

After becoming the first Australian to win the Masters, he waited until the end of the year to return home to Queensland.

Rory Mc Ilroy announced his engagement on New Year's Eve.

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