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Nirmala supported her family by working as a domestic help and sometimes binding bidi, neighbours said.Her daughters could not continue studies due to poverty.Their neighbours — Enamul Momin, Sharif Momin, Kalu Sk, Ajmal Sk, Siraj Ali and others — started collecting money from the locals for her funeral.They managed to collect around Rs 10,000 within a few hours., also known as Mitty Masud, was a one star rank air force officer in the Pakistan Air Force and a military strategist who is known his role as commander of the Eastern Air Command of the Eastern Command. Col.) was tasked by Air Cdr-in-C, Air Marshal Asghar Khan, to organize, train, and lead an aerobatics team, the PAF Sherdils, of 16 F-86 Sabre jets that would set a workd record, validating the PAF’s place among the well- regarded air arms of the world. During the meeting, President Yahya interjected several times and was in view of agreeing with Air Cdre Masud's view and supported his stance by quoting: "You must [sic] surely know that I too do not want a war and am doing my best to persuade Mujib and Bhutto to find a way out of the crisis." On 7 March 1971, Governor East Vice-Admiral Syed Mohammad Ahsan and his Chief of Staff Lieutenant-General Yakob Ali Khan were relieved of their respected post, leaving to Lieutenant-General Tikka Khan who initiated the massive military crackdown after the raid in the Dhaka University.

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In order to produce a high quality journal, extensive effort has been put into selecting valuable researches that contributed to the journal.We saw that the participation was more than we anticipated and we felt that we were letting down some Street Hunters that wanted to exhibit their work but couldn’t because there was no available space.So we looked for a bigger place and found Mosaic Bar / Athens Gallery. Social Sciences - Education & educational research E-ISSN: 2289-3024 Publisher: University of Malaya Publication type: Electronic Publication frequency: 4 time(s) per year Journal Website: Malaysian Online Journal of Educational Sciences (MOJES) is peer review, open access online publication addressing the current issues in the field of Educational Sciences.MOJES serves as a forum of researchers, staff and students to raise issues across disciplinary boundaries and facilitate exchange of views in the field of educational science.

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